Vinyl Colour Change

We take a great pride in being able to offer the highest quality colour vinyl wrapping service. Vinyl wrapping is a great way to alter the colour of your vehicle quickly and for an affordable price. We provide many colours depending on your desirability, you can enquire about any of the colours by contacting us directly. When purchasing a car, we understand that you may not be able to get your desired colour and you may want a unique design to make you stand out from the rest, this is where we can help. If you are looking for an inspiration, then have a look at some of the work we have done to other satisfied customers whom have used our service.

What is Vinyl Colour change?

A car vinyl change can be quick; however, you need to be aware that the more complicated the design the longer it will take us. Our team will always assist you if you have any questions or queries about the time scale of the project. The popularity of vehicle wrapping has risen dramatically in the recent years due to it being very cost-effective in comparison to a respray.  Our vinyl colour change service not only provides you with beautiful cosmetic benefits but also the finished product will help to protect your paintwork from pesky stone chips and general day to day wear and tear. Cosmetic details are great to work on and we understand that you may want to keep up with the modern trends like a matt black finish or the use of carbon fibre effects.  Our team are fully trained and have lots of experience when it comes to a vinyl colour change.  We recognise that our clients require a high-end finish therefore we always take great care and pride in our services. Our colour changes have helped a variety of clients along the way. These include high class company directors, promoters and PR companies, Music and Film stars and exhibition centres.

vinyl colour change worcestershire

What's the benefits of Vinyl colour change?

Unlimited range of colours and designs | Quick and affordable | Paintwork protection | Makes your vehicle more personal | Beautiful cosmetics

vinyl colour change worcestershire

How is vinyl wrapping done?

When we start on a vinyl colour change we begin to wrap the bonnet and the bumpers first. Remember, not the whole car has to be changed, we also do parts/sections of the car by modifying just a bonnet or matching roof to chrome plated wheels – depending on your preference! We use vinyl selected by you and cut it down to the correct size to fit the area of your vehicle. We do the whole process in stages and as each part is done the new look starts to take shape which is really satisfying. Once an area is completed, (covered and applied properly) we can begin to trim the excess film. After we have carefully completed the transformation of each part of the car we will call you and give you the vehicle back. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is the same car rolling out of our garage comparing to the one that entered! We really pride ourselves in Vinyl colour change and hope to help you on your vehicle’s next colour change.

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