Paint Protection Film

Did you just buy a car of your dreams and are looking to protect it from minor damage that may occur to its paintwork? Luckily the future of car protection is here in the form of a protective transparent film that is ultra-durable and affordable. We can fulfill your needs with our Paint Protection Film services that are smart and effective at keeping your motor looking great in the future. There are variety of benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF) it will remove the issues of stone chips, bug splatters and minor abrasions once PPF is fitted.

What is PPF?

Our high-quality films are guaranteed to leave your car protected and will not damage your vehicle in any way when we implement the film. Our precise pattern work will leave no cutting on your paintwork, we pride ourselves in our flawless installation service. Our PPF leaves no yellowing or differential paint fading that you may get from other companies. Our urethane film used is optically clear and will not alter the colours of the paint work underneath, it is also extremely tough and durable and will not get damaged from weather conditions over long time periods. The PPF can be installed on the whole car or just individual parts depending on what you are looking for. We can install the film on headlights, wings, wing mirrors or bonnet edges which are vulnerable to damage. Another benefit of installing PPF is that it that it helps to retain the body and colour of your car which is beneficial if you would decide to see your vehicle in the future, creating a pristine and fresh look of the vehicle. If your vehicle has intricate graphics and you are unsure of PPF then don’t worry, the film we use offers exceptional clarity so your style can still shine through. We understand that scratches can happen even with our film installed, however there is a ground-breaking solution. Our PPF is of high quality and utilises amazing self-healing technology that can make those rare marks from small stones totally disappear. The showroom quality finish from installing is amazing and requires zero maintenance to keep your car.

Why to use Paint Protection Film

Excellent durability | Fade and stain resistant | Maintenance free | Can be removed safely | Almost invisible | Won’t damage paintwork | Saves money in the long term

What's the price?

We recognize that a new car or van is one of the biggest purchases you may make therefore why not protect it? Keep it looking brand new with our quality Paint Protection film from a company that you can trust. Our service is very reliable and quick and it won’t be long before you are driving away in your newly filmed car ready for action. The price  of this service may vary depending on vehicle and what you want to be protected. If you have any questions or queries then do not hesitate to contact us via phone or our website, we are more than happy to help and explain the whole process that your vehicle will undertake when in our hands.

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