You’ve probably seen many celebrities cars wrapped in some eye-catching exquisite carbon fibre, we admit that’s rather expensive to have the real thing on your vehicle. To help you get that same look we have our carbon fibre wrapping which looks the same as the real stuff and is still guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for something that denotes speed and power (and some class) then our Carbon Fibre wrapping service is guaranteed to make your vehicle express that.




Out of all our available colours and styles that we have at our disposal, carbon wrapping is one of the most popular among those who want that modern futuristic look and finish. It’s no lie that a fully Carbon wrapped vehicle will catch attention to passers bye and impress many at the same time and there’s a reason for this. Take a step back and think, when did you last see a carbon wrapped car or van? I think many would agree that they are very rare which adds to that extra ‘wow’ factor when one rolls past you.

So we know that they are unique and look amazing but what other benefits can that carbon wrapping do for your ride? Well, firstly the wrap we use is extremely high quality, even up close the details are outstanding and are just begging to be appreciated. The wrapping itself is extremely durable and acts as a protective layer over your car, this will stop those pesky chips and scratches that are common occurrences when driving in general. The wrap can also take mother nature’s punishment, rain will not damage or affect this quality wrap in any way shape, or form. Some wraps can wear out over time but we assure you this will not happen with our service, we guarantee it will last as long as you desire. If you want to remove the wrap then this is also easy to do, it won’t leave any marks on the original paintwork when removed either which leaves your vehicle the same as it was before and no harm will be done. Our 3M vinyl contains an embossed finish which makes it difficult to tell the difference between actual carbon fibre which is far far more expensive. So why pay more for the same look? The answer is pretty simple to us.

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At Wrap Your Car we can give you the option of what you want to be wrapped. If it’s the full body of just a part then we can do it and are more then happy to help you along the way. Popular areas of the car for our service include wing mirrors, spoilers, roofs, and bonnets. Our wrap is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance to keep in top condition. If you are looking for something even more unique or just want to wow people when you pass by then why not check out our carbon colour range. We have a selection of different standard colours available at our disposal. These include black, white, red, blue, grey, and many more! The team at Wrap Your Car is experienced and implements their expertise when proving you with this service. If you can’t get enough of that lovely carbon then we can implement the wrap on the interior of your vehicle, this can be placed on the dashboard for example for that premium feel at an affordable price. As mentioned before our team knows what they are doing and has a lot of years experience at car wrapping. Your vehicle may take longer depending on what parts you want to be done or if you want the full carbon wrap. The price of the instalment may also vary due to how much carbon wrap we have to use. If you are unsure about the whole process then do not hesitate to contact Wrap Your Car. Our team is keen to help out and listen to your questions plus proving important answers. It is easy to contact us as well, either on the phone or over our website. We are sure our Carbon Fibre wrapping will fulfil your needs and ideas. If you would like recommendations on what sort of wrapping can be done to your vehicle then we will provide you with this information. Our team is also looking to help and achieve your dreams in car wrapping. We can also offer friendly advice on other services that we offer here and recommend what might make your ride look even more awesome! Its simple to see what else we do on our website or a member of staff can give you more details on our services.


We welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our products or services.


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